1. The Geometry of Us
Have you ever truly looked at a sunflower? Geometry is in everything in Nature - and the Universe. It is how she creates the building blocks of Life. Nature is of the Universe. We are of Nature. And we are all geometry. The deepest human trauma we are collectively experiencing
2. The Geometries 1-5
This can get a little heady at times (maybe all the time...) so bare with me as we start at ground Zero and work our way up. Zero-Point: Absolute void. The shut-off of attention. Ground zero, where the light of attention is neither internal or externally focused. It is off
3. Where Attention Goes... (G1)
There is much to be said about the language of paying attention. In German, it is called gifting attention. In Spanish, it is to borrow. It is something that can be given or taken, held, captured, bought and sold. It is the most valuable (and perhaps the only) thing we
4. Everything and Nothing (G2)
Or The Upside Down & Downside Up There seems to be a common sentiment throughout the world right now: nothing matters. What’s the point when the world is obviously going to hell in handbasket. That deep sense of nihilism, of hopelessness, of why try? The downward spiral into Incoherence where nothing
5. Pathos, Logos & Ethos (G3)
So, if we are all walking ecosystems of living variables, how do we help stabilize ourselves to equilibrium? How do we find the balance point? Well, first we need to recognize the variables. Then, we need to be able to orient ourselves in spacetime to be able to see what
6. The Elements (G4)
Emotions are strong. They are elemental. Anger can be volcanic. Grief can be a tidal wave. A torrential downpour. Our emotions are Nature speaking through us. Remnants of a lifetime (or Nature’s earliest software version) where we were no more than droplets in an ocean; but what is water
7. Shine Bright Like a Diamond
Telescope, microscope, kaleidoscope, horoscope…all things through which we see things. Far away, up close, through distortion, and in ourselves. What would this -scope be called? Imagine if we used this kind of patterning to look at ourselves? Identify ourselves, instead of our current binary system of this or that.