1. The Geometry of Us

1. The Geometry of Us

Have you ever truly looked at a sunflower?

Geometry is in everything in Nature - and the Universe. It is how she creates the building blocks of Life. 

Nature is of the Universe. We are of Nature. And we are all geometry.  

The deepest human trauma we are collectively experiencing in the world today is a massive disconnect from our own inherent Nature. 

We have just forgotten our own unique geometry. It’s time we start looking at ourselves to see what makes up all our little pieces to find the beautiful patterns that are unique to each and every one of us, but that all tie us together as Humans of Nature. 

A definition of geometry:

"Geometry is the branch of mathematics that deals with shapes, angles, dimensions and sizes of a variety of things we see in everyday life. Geometry is derived from Ancient Greek words – 'Geo' means 'Earth' and 'metron' means 'measurement'."

With geometry, we can examine 2D shapes (points, lines, triangles, squares, and circles) or 3D shapes (cubes, pyramids, spheres).

You do not need to be a mathematician to understand the fundamentals (I most certainly am not!), but the basic principles of geometry help us to understand patterns. And patterns help us make sense of the world around us. From language, to behavior, to software, science and stories. They make up the building blocks of all life.

And humanity is just getting started with our own ability to recognize and compute patterns - we are likely still stuck on level 2 patterns (duality, binary, this or that patterning). But the more points you add in, the more complex the geometry.

The intention of this blog is 1) for myself to put a swirling mess of thoughts to paper and 2) to help convey the pattern-recognition ability we all have through what I have come to call "The Geometries". This basic patterning "compass" is a guide to every day life, to help make sense of a world that sometimes really just doesn't. And as we build on these simple blocks, we will also begin to explore how these patterns shape us as individuals and how those patterns can be zoomed out to a macro scale for teams, organizations, and all of humanity.

The deepest question is "how do we organize naturally?" without the use of external structures (dominance, rules/regulations, centralized power systems, or even concepts like time). If nature can do it, and we are of Nature, then there must be a way we can organically organize ourselves that can feel much more in harmony with our natural tendencies. To create a state of Coherence as the norm, where Nature and humanity are in ecosystem equilibrium to create cycles of abundance rather than systems of extractive, race-to-the-bottom scarcity.

So let's begin!