This blog is written for all of us, as humans, to help better understand and see ourselves as unique pieces of a global puzzle. Each piece important, each piece needed, yet so many of us don't know where we fit.

These words have come from my own insights and observations of being an introverted child learning to deal with a terribly complex world where many things that people say don't line up with what they truly feel.

The Geometries has been my study on how to better understand the software we as humanity are currently running, and to give my own learned tools on how to best debug and upgrade that operating system.

Through my own work/life experience growing up on a farm and currently operating a regenerative demonstration site for agriculture, economics and social design, it has been a necessary tool in understanding how to make decisions, organize teams, design the economic flow, and learn from our greatest teacher - Nature.

Geometry is in everything. If you can't see it, zoom out further. Patterns are nature's language, the original code. And it's a language we can understand, but it just takes some remembering on how to interpret it.

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